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  • Accommodation

    Bathe in Bath’s beauty while enjoying your leisure visit or business trip. Here is a range of accommodation choices.
  • Business Services

    Bath is thriving with professional solutions, services and support. Discover the wide range of business services that are available.
  • Clubs & Organisations

    From hobbies and pastimes to sports and politics, you will never be bored in Bath. You can get involved today.
  • Eating & Drinking

    Titillate your taste buds and quench your thirst. There’s plenty of fantastic food and delicious drinks to whet your appetite in Bath.
  • Hair and Beauty

    Have a good hair day and look your best in Bath. Whatever your hair style or beauty needs, these experts will make you feel extra special.
  • Healthcare

    Don’t suffer in silence. From treatments to prevention, you will soon find the healthcare specialist you need to help improve your wellbeing.
  • Home & Garden

    Home is where the heart is. From a new kitchen and refurbished flooring or lawn repairs and lasting landscaping, it’s all here at your fingertips.
  • Motoring

    Get in the driving seat for cars and motorcycles, repairs and restorations, spares or tyres plus loads more.
  • Professional Services

    If you’re needing professional services, support or products, a spectrum of skills and specialities are just a click away.
  • Public Services

    A detailed list of all the doctors, pharmacies, libraries and other public services in the Bath area.
  • Shopping

    You can shop until you drop. From speciality retailers to high street brands, there are shops and suppliers to suit everyone.
  • Sports and Leisure

    Your health and life can be enriched in Bath through sports and leisure, from vigorous participation to supportive spectating.
  • Things To Do

    Take flight in a balloon, bathe on a roof-top, slow down for some afternoon tea; there’s plenty to do and see in Bath.
  • Transport

    Getting out and about is a breeze. You can hop on an open-top bus, hail a taxi and easily self-drive. Browse your various options here.
  • Trusted Tradesmen

    The reliable local tradesmen in Bath will provide you with a high standard of service. Builders, joiners, plumbers, decorators and more.