5 reasons why DIY site builders shouldn’t be used to build your business website

  “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. It can be perfectly understood when it comes to building your business website. Today, your website should be the strongest link in your chain of business development. But how can it be, if you would decide your business website casually or of secondary importance. Resultantly, people are not going to take you or your business seriously. Let me tell you this, cheap things are not always the right way to go, so precisely speaking, no playing around when it comes to business. Therefore, do it professionally and save yourself from DIY site builders that can seriously dent your business. Here are 5 striking reasons to prove my point. 1. Search Engine Friendly? NOT AT ALL! DIY platforms use flash to create websites which is definitely not SEO friendly. No matter what they say, you should keep it mind that Google does not recommend it. Although a platform rhyming with “six” claims that it has upgraded it templates to HTML5 but they are very few in number and people still have to go with flash templates. Moreover, such sites can’t be verified in Webmaster tools. Therefore no track of site downtime, broken links, crawl frequency and traffic landing on the page. 2. Flash is misleading Flash portions might make it look like you got a multiple pages platform but on technical grounds that’s a bluff. It’s just like a phonebook with only 1 page. It means limited content, restricted number of keywords, road blocks for traffic and ultimately lesser business. Believe me, it’s no more than a lost cause. Furthermore, it limits the opportunity to play around with alternate keywords, titles and Meta data indexation for increasing traffic through other search terms. 3. A bad taste and a bad first Impression ‘First impression is the last impression’. If it is really for business, how can you be satisfied by a website that looks like a single page template? Even PowerPoint templates might look better than that. It looks and feels so cheap. Certain things in life are worth more than money. Your time and personal satisfaction are among those things. Be professional, first make your worth and then never sell yourself short of your worth. Moreover, a business is all about customers and they are wise enough to see the difference between Amazon and a pigeonhole tuck shop. Therefore, don’t risk your time, money and business. 4. Poor and inaccurate analytics We provide our clients with monthly Google analytics reports through Google’s highly recommended analytics services. Our clients know exactly how their website is doing. On the contrary, website builder’s outdated 30 minute site building technology provides you with inaccurate analytics. But what else can you expect out of such sites? Even a cake may take more than 30 minutes to bake. For us, a website might take from a few weeks to months, depending upon the scale of the project. Now that looks like some SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! 5. Zero branding Would you like to have a website with URL thisnthat.com? I don’t think so. Have a real domain for your business. It will look great on your business cards as well. A point to ponder   Would you like to pull out your tooth by yourself if you have a tooth ache? It’s not advised in any case because you would mess it up and would end up spending way more. Same is the case with a DIY website. It looks like you are saving money but in reality you are wasting money as well as your business potential. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a professional website designer rather than wasting your time and money.    

An Interesting Year

2016 As we creep to the end of 2016 we reflect upon the changes we have seen throughout the year, especially in the way the public utilise the internet as well as our client’s requirements. We have seen considerable loyalty from our clients, understanding that we at Bath Business Web and Website Design in Bath.com want the best for their business and seeing the majority of them taking on board our advice and knowledge in moving forward to ensure that their company image and portfolio is of a professional status.  It’s great to see the growth in clients business with the applied improvements attracting quality referrals.
  • 91% of searchers do not go past page one
  • 50% of searchers do not look past the top 3 results
  • 53% of searches are via mobile
  • 50% of mobile users will leave a web page if it takes more than 10 seconds to load.
These statistics show how visitors interact with your website. We have been keeping on top of these changes, noticing that even though you may have been recommended to a potential customer they will still research you online expecting to see a professionally built website. Click the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDL1-i_4sB0 In this competitive world and marketplace, businesses are having to step up their game to be in line with their competitors.  With the uncertainty of Brexit, we all need to make sure that every avenue has been covered, ensuring that your company is receiving maximum exposure in this vicious marketplace. Would you go into battle unarmed? Or would you be prepared and fully equipped? We understand the need to save money in your business, we are after all a business ourselves but one area we feel you should invest in is your company website being built by professionals. The knowledge and expertise that goes into creating your site are not comparable with a DIY website builder. Many of our new clients have found they just weren’t being found on Google and therefore were not receiving new business because of their DIY site. We find that once a potential customer understands that we offer a comprehensive digital marketing solution including social media and not just a template website, the decision is clear. In all, it has been a mixed year, with social media and phone searches reaching an all-time high but reluctance from some to get involved and push their business forward to prepare for the future. If you would like to discuss your digital marketing needs with us, feel free to get in touch or visit our website. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Bath Business Web 01225 920503 www.websitedesigninbath.com duncan@bathbusinessweb.co.uk blog

Common Pitfalls to avoid when having a website designed.

blog pic When choosing to have your website built it is imperative to seriously consider the following: How seriously do you take your business and how seriously do you want it to be taken by others? As a company with over ten years high street presence, having built and designed hundreds of websites from small start-up businesses to re-vamping the marketing campaign for major players, we  feel that by drawing on our experience and knowledge we can provide good and sound advice.  Step 1: Always choose a professional company that has longevity and an established track-record.  These companies are expert at doing what they do because that is all they do and their pedigree speaks for itself.  Use their experience and knowledge to maximise your business growth.  Step 2: Understand your target audience, take time to consider who it is that you want to target and are trying to reach.  Step into their mindset and think outside the box in terms of what search words they would search for when seeking out someone’s services. Step 3: Cheapest is not always best:  don’t make the common mistake made by so many as short measures will avail you of nothing.  It is an entirely false economy to think that by spending less you will get more, almost without exception the converse is true.  The old adage rings true: you get what you pay for and by hiring a professional experienced outfit you are investing in the future growth and expansion of your business. This is your window to the world, your opportunity to play and compete with the big boys, so why cheapen it? As a company ourselves with a long track record, we have lost count of the number of times that we have had to rescue and re-vamp businesses’ websites due to the creation of sub-standard websites.  We have been able to add increased value to these customers, however, it has also meant that they have ended up having to spend much more money than they would have done had they come  to the professionals in the first instance. Don’t skimp on the basics, this is your world-wide shop window don’t cheapen it. Zero traffic graph Step 4: Don’t just take someone’s word that they can build you a top class site with fantastic Google and other search engine presence.  Take responsibility and research your web design provider.  Research the company, its portfolio of clients and seek testimonials.  A company worth its salt will have no objections in your contacting their clients for feedback and confirmation that they have had positive experiences.  Most importantly conduct a Google search for a certain term to discover for yourself whether the website which has been built is appearing in the higher reaches of the website search engines.  The proof of the pudding is always in the eating. High traffic graph Step 5: Consider that companies such as Bath Business Web and Website Design in Bath.com employ web- designers with years of experience and who are academically trained to degree level and above in this field. This makes them expert at what they do. Rome was not built in a day and likewise, neither is this level of experience gained overnight.  This business is fast-changing and requires immediate responses to sometimes technically complicated coding issues.  As such, make sure you seek out businesses with the appropriate level of specialist capability, comprising specialist programmers, developers and designers in one location. The art form is not just in the ability to make your site pretty, it is in delivering pretty amazing results. Step 6: Understand that off the shelf platforms and websites in a box come with extreme restrictions – one size fits all.  These quick fixes to small problems are nowhere near suitable to rectify and convey the unique beauty of your business which is in every way exceptional.  Your business deserves a tailor-made platform designed to display it at its best to the world and not as just like every other business doing the same thing.  Make sure that your businesses’ uniqueness is captured as you and your business are worth it.

A professional website shouldn’t be a maybe it should be a must

A professional website shouldn’t be a maybe it should be a must – if people can’t find you, they can’t use you!


Can you imagine the quality and life-span of a house built by you if you were simply given the tools, bricks and mortar, with no tuition, except a how-to guide, and a couple of youtube video clips to help you along with the finer points and a hey presto main frame in a box delivered to your doorstep ready for you to build the house of you dreams. You can quickly imagine that the prospects of divorce, bankruptcy and doom will not be far away.  Simply put, it is not an approach that any sane person would ever entertain.

Therefore, why would you approach your business building which is central to your livelihood in the same way? The answer is, that given the right information you would not. A professionally built and designed website, skillfully optimized to place your business at the forefront of major search engines so that you are assured of reaching all prospective customers is something that no business worth its salt would live without. In this day and age, a business without a website is like a fish out of water it will not survive and those that do, are simply here for today but more likely gone tomorrow.


Almost everyone has access to the Internet and regularly uses it in this day and age.  Most people when they hear of a business look it up online and search for your website or social media profile where they can learn more, assure themselves that the business is credible and legitimate and read testimonials. Very few people seek you out on the high street any more, or look you up in a phone book, they go to the Internet and often to local online directories specifically tailored to your business.

So, what is holding you back?


Fear: This is commonly and mistakenly referred to as the price. Most businesses that do not have websites are those run by small, often family run businesses which have survived for at least 15 years by recommendations (word of mouth etc).  Many of those running such businesses will be exceptionally skilled at what they do and consumed by their individual ability to deliver at the highest end to exacting standards.  They often have not had the time or indeed the inclination to get involved with modern technology, as they thought they have never needed to, due to their accepting word of mouth as standard.  It is this lack of knowledge, which often translates to fear in some of these people as they fear handing control over to an unknown entity, an entity which they have never had to engage with before. But, oh “has life changed with the ability to find out much more about a potential trader or service who you as the client are potentially looking to employ to carry out a service for you.

Just think how much more powerful and sustainable the business could become with a little help and input from those in the know who specialise in this market.  Don’t let this fear hold you back, use it as an opportunity to grow and be willing and open-minded enough to explore your future potential.


Price:  This is strongly connected with fear and this is where the majority of people do not fully understand the value add that comes from having your website professionally built.  If we return to the initial building debacle, the likelihood is that the building could technically be constructed, however, would likely not be fit for purpose and in a short while would collapse.  Similarly, with a website, there are a myriad of providers out there who will provide you with a website in a box which will give you a basic website. However, it won’t have been professionally designed and programmed, so it will not be responsive to any search engines and won’t secure you any additional business, rendering you invisible to the outside world.  Professional web designers are trained in targeting the specifics of how web search optimization works, deal with it on a daily basis which means that they will be up to date with the latest technology and able to respond immediately, ensuring that your website is perfectly poised to receive the maximum hits or site visits.  This will, if correctly managed translate into sales, more money and longevity.

Remember in life, you get what you pay for and your website should be considered as an investment and is an investment for years, if executed properly and professionally will return you tenfold more than your initial investment.

So, come on think seriously about your business and your business website, you know it makes sense.

Call the professionals www.websitedesigninbath.com or www.bathbusinessweb.co.uk on 07809 472817 or 01225 920503


Great service on tap from plumbers in Bath

From the maintenance of your heating system to the fitting of a new bathroom to installing domestic appliances and making emergency repairs when you really need them, there is one person you always turn to … your local plumbers in Bath. We rely on the skills of a plumber for so many things. Of course, those with the correct qualifications also work with gas fires and cookers. You will find a number of plumbers in Bath in the Bath Business Directory and should have no difficulty in gaining friendly, professional service. Plumbers in Bath Some of their specialities include: · Boiler repairs You’ll be able to get a fixed-price repair and also have the often cost-effective option of ongoing cover for your boiler and central heating system. · Power flushing To help keep your central heating system functioning properly, by removing sludge, dirt and lime scale. · Bathroom Design and Installation Multi-skilled services covering replacement or refurbishment of your bathroom, wet rooms, en-suites, shower rooms, and mobility / disabled rooms. When selecting a plumber in Bath, it’s always worth checking their credentials. For example, are they members of a trade association? Also, have they worked for anybody you know? If so, you can feel more comfortable with their reliability through “word of mouth” recommendations. Of course, don’t be reluctant to ask about their qualifications and experience and you can perhaps also seek testimonials from other customers. It’s best to make these sensible checks. Then you can progress the work with a plumber in Bath in the knowledge you will receive the sought after first-class service.

Builders in Bath

Builders in Bath lay solid foundations

builders Bath Professional, reliable and friendly … these are amongst the key attributes of any building firm. And, if you are looking for builders in Bath, that’s what you can expect to find within the Bath Business Directory.   In an industry which is plagued with unskilled individuals, you need to be comfortable your work will be conducted to the highest standard.   For your peace of mind when selecting a builder, we suggest you:
  • Speak to family and friends There are few things stronger than a recommendation from someone you know and trust.
  • Write down your requirements Describe what you are seeking in as much detail as possible.
  • Get a few quotes Compare the work description with your brief and assess the costs (also questioning any which seem too high or low).
  • Ask for references Any reputable builder should be happy to share details of previous work and satisfied customers.
By following these steps, you should be able to progress your building project with confidence. Builders in Bath provide a range of building and construction work - residential and commercial - covering everything from new-build projects to maintenance and repair. That includes: Alterations Bathrooms Carpentry Decorating Drainage Extensions Groundworks Kitchens Landscaping Loft Conversions Paving Refurbishment Windows Whatever your needs, you can find a local builder in Bath who will have solid foundations and can deliver your project to a high standard.

Bath Business Directory just became even better

  We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new-look Bath Online Business Directory. For years, we have been giving people access to businesses and services in the Bath and North East Somerset area through this Premier Online Directory service. And our web stats have revealed the business directory has been accessed by thousands of people seeking everything from a painter and decorator in Bath to scaffolding, coach travel and flooring. We felt it was about time we updated the look and feel to provide local businesses with an even stronger online showcase within Bath Business Web and help them be found more easily by prospective customers. If your business is not listed, please do contact us. Before we relaunched the business directory, we thought it should be given a test drive, to assess its ease of use and effectiveness from a day-to-day perspective. And this is how it went:   Monday: It seemed that home improvement programmes had dominated the telly at the weekend and we got talking about a loft conversions. It was the first test of the week for the Online Business Directory and it didn’t let us down, returning a good number of trusted tradesmen in the Bath area. Tuesday: With some Christmas nights out on the horizon, it was time to book an appointment with a hairdresser in Bath. Once again the directory produced the results more quickly than you could blow-dry a barnet. Wednesday: Ssssh. But, if you’re going to Shang-A-Lang back to the 70s and attend a Bay City Rollers  reunion concert, you really need to get some gear. A search too far for the Bath Business Directory? Not at all. It led us straight to AbFab Costume Hire. Thursday: It’s nice to say “thank you” and often even better with a gift of flowers. We came up smelling of roses thanks to a quick search for florists.  Friday: There’s no escaping the fact that, if you’re going to have company over the festive season, that old wallpaper really needs to be changed. So, it was great to have a choice of a number of local, trusted painters and decorators. Saturday: Christmas shopping was on the agenda, particularly a special item of jewellery. Fortunately Philip James Jewellery was just a click away. Sunday: It seemed like a good idea to dine out for a change. And our appetite was thoroughly whetted with a choice of everything from sushi to pizza and pasta. So, it was a good week for the rejuvenated Bath Online Business Directory and we were even more confident about making it live.   Now, we can help your business reach a much wider target audience. To have your company listed, please do contact us today.