5 reasons why DIY site builders shouldn’t be used to build your business website


“A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. It can be perfectly understood when it comes to building your business website. Today, your website should be the strongest link in your chain of business development. But how can it be, if you would decide your business website casually or of secondary importance. Resultantly, people are not going to take you or your business seriously. Let me tell you this, cheap things are not always the right way to go, so precisely speaking, no playing around when it comes to business. Therefore, do it professionally and save yourself from DIY site builders that can seriously dent your business. Here are 5 striking reasons to prove my point.

1. Search Engine Friendly? NOT AT ALL!

DIY platforms use flash to create websites which is definitely not SEO friendly. No matter what they say, you should keep it mind that Google does not recommend it. Although a platform rhyming with “six” claims that it has upgraded it templates to HTML5 but they are very few in number and people still have to go with flash templates. Moreover, such sites can’t be verified in Webmaster tools. Therefore no track of site downtime, broken links, crawl frequency and traffic landing on the page.

2. Flash is misleading

Flash portions might make it look like you got a multiple pages platform but on technical grounds that’s a bluff. It’s just like a phonebook with only 1 page. It means limited content, restricted number of keywords, road blocks for traffic and ultimately lesser business. Believe me, it’s no more than a lost cause. Furthermore, it limits the opportunity to play around with alternate keywords, titles and Meta data indexation for increasing traffic through other search terms.

3. A bad taste and a bad first Impression

‘First impression is the last impression’. If it is really for business, how can you be satisfied by a website that looks like a single page template? Even PowerPoint templates might look better than that. It looks and feels so cheap. Certain things in life are worth more than money. Your time and personal satisfaction are among those things. Be professional, first make your worth and then never sell yourself short of your worth. Moreover, a business is all about customers and they are wise enough to see the difference between Amazon and a pigeonhole tuck shop. Therefore, don’t risk your time, money and business.

4. Poor and inaccurate analytics

We provide our clients with monthly Google analytics reports through Google’s highly recommended analytics services. Our clients know exactly how their website is doing. On the contrary, website builder’s outdated 30 minute site building technology provides you with inaccurate analytics. But what else can you expect out of such sites? Even a cake may take more than 30 minutes to bake. For us, a website might take from a few weeks to months, depending upon the scale of the project. Now that looks like some SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!

5. Zero branding

Would you like to have a website with URL thisnthat.com? I don’t think so. Have a real domain for your business. It will look great on your business cards as well.

A point to ponder  

Would you like to pull out your tooth by yourself if you have a tooth ache? It’s not advised in any case because you would mess it up and would end up spending way more. Same is the case with a DIY website. It looks like you are saving money but in reality you are wasting money as well as your business potential. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a professional website designer rather than wasting your time and money.