Electric Gates

In Bath Business Web you will find the most popular electric gates. These are usually swing gates, but they're not the only option available.For example Articulated or Crank arm operators. Theae are for wide gate posts with a small opening space. Very popular in France.Or the option could be underground. Probably not ideal if your electric gates are needed for heavy use, and they can be prone to water immersion and ingress. Or perhaps if space is an issue or the space behind the gate is on a steep incline. Sliding doors would be the better option. They are also very popular in the commercial environment. If your gates are heavy, a hydrolic system might be preferred as they can generate high torque levels. If its a domestic system cost might be an issue. i which case an electromechanical system would be the prudent choice. All installations must meet with the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC. EN13241-1 are the regulations concerning gates. The installer of the gate is responsible for the conformity to regulation. The manufacturer is not responsible. The two main EN regulations that then apply are EN 12453 which describes the safety levels when installing a gate. And EN12445 which describes the testing method that must be undertaken.

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