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Keep your home or business in Bath in the clear with the help of a top quality drainage professional. Our helpful listings will find you an expert in no time. There are so many choices now when it comes to drainage systems.many systems incorporate geotextiles filters that retain fine grains of dirt,preventing cloggage of the drain. Or PVC filters which are cheaper and easier to employ, might be your choice. Slot drainage has proved the most breakthrough product of the last twenty years in the as a drainage option. Drainage options for the construction industry include: Point drainage, which intercepts water at gullies (points). Gullies connect to drainage pipes beneath the ground surface and deep excavation is required to facilitate this system. Support for deep trenches is required in the shape of planking, strutting or shoring. Channel drainage, which intercepts water along the entire run of the channel. Channel drainage is typically manufactured from concrete, steel, polymer or composites. The interception rate of channel drainage is greater than point drainage and the excavation required is usually much less deep.

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