Electrical Rewiring

Looking for Electrical rewiring ? Bath Business Webs listed electrical services will make every effort to make sure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible and you are left totally satisfied with the work that has been done. A full electrical rewiring means the electrical wiring in every room of your home needs replacing. Light fittings, sockets and switches will be removed and replaced with new ones.A partial rewire is as it says. Disruption goes with the job unfortunately. Finding the right company to minimise your discomfort is important. From start to finish, a rewire and all associated work will normally take up to 10 working days. If any other improvement works have been identified for your home, it will take longer than 10 days to complete all of the work. You will usually get 14 days’ notice so you can prepare for the works. The following preparations are normally required: You will need to pack away all your belongings safely and securely. This includes pictures, mirrors and wall hangings in every room A new fuse board will be fitted, probably in the same place as your existing one. If it is in a cupboard, you will need to clear that cupboard for easy access Any electrical items, such as televisions, need to be stored away safely Any furniture near your sockets will need to moved. It is usually best to move all your furniture to the middle of the room and cover it up with dust sheets We will confirm which floor coverings need to be taken up. (The housing company is not responsible for the cost of your floor coverings) And you must ensure that there is clear access in and out of your home for the workersMost companies will operate a 'no refusals policy.If the work identified for your home is essential due to health and safety requirements; is to be funded by grants, it cannot be refused.

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    AJ Durston Electrical Services

    AJ Durston Electrical Services are a very reliable and professional service who pride themselves on their quality of workmanship. We cover all aspects of electrical work including domestic, commercial and industrial throughout Trowbridge and Bath. We offer many services including house rewiring to outdoor lighting. Call Andy on 07817 692259 or 01373 300484 or email […]