Architectural Lighting

Find Architectural lighting design and installation with bath Business Web. Comprehensive lighting design requires an aesthetic impact. And also consideration of the amount of functional light provided. Not to mention the energy consumed. Some buildings, like operating theaters and sports stadia's primary concern is providing the appropriate amount of light for the job at hand. Commercial buildings, like warehouses and office buildings, are primarily concerned with saving money. Energy efficiency of the lighting system can be a deal breaker. Buildings used for entertainment, like casinos and theatres, are primarily concerned with the aesthetic and emotional impact of architectural lighting systems. Therefore, it is vital that the sciences of light production are balanced with the artistic application of light,and energy efficiency and in our built environment. These electrical lighting systems should ideally be integrated with daylighting systems. Environmental and financial factors involved in Architectural lighting design are very similar to factors in energy conservation analysis. The most important criteria of successful architectural lighting design are that it is percieved without discomfort ( unless intentional). A good lighting designer must understand the physics, physiology, and psychology of light perception as well as an understanding of the budget of the client.

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