A professional website shouldn’t be a maybe it should be a must

A professional website shouldn’t be a maybe it should be a must – if people can’t find you, they can’t use you!


Can you imagine the quality and life-span of a house built by you if you were simply given the tools, bricks and mortar, with no tuition, except a how-to guide, and a couple of youtube video clips to help you along with the finer points and a hey presto main frame in a box delivered to your doorstep ready for you to build the house of you dreams. You can quickly imagine that the prospects of divorce, bankruptcy and doom will not be far away.  Simply put, it is not an approach that any sane person would ever entertain.

Therefore, why would you approach your business building which is central to your livelihood in the same way? The answer is, that given the right information you would not. A professionally built and designed website, skillfully optimized to place your business at the forefront of major search engines so that you are assured of reaching all prospective customers is something that no business worth its salt would live without. In this day and age, a business without a website is like a fish out of water it will not survive and those that do, are simply here for today but more likely gone tomorrow.


Almost everyone has access to the Internet and regularly uses it in this day and age.  Most people when they hear of a business look it up online and search for your website or social media profile where they can learn more, assure themselves that the business is credible and legitimate and read testimonials. Very few people seek you out on the high street any more, or look you up in a phone book, they go to the Internet and often to local online directories specifically tailored to your business.

So, what is holding you back?


Fear: This is commonly and mistakenly referred to as the price. Most businesses that do not have websites are those run by small, often family run businesses which have survived for at least 15 years by recommendations (word of mouth etc).  Many of those running such businesses will be exceptionally skilled at what they do and consumed by their individual ability to deliver at the highest end to exacting standards.  They often have not had the time or indeed the inclination to get involved with modern technology, as they thought they have never needed to, due to their accepting word of mouth as standard.  It is this lack of knowledge, which often translates to fear in some of these people as they fear handing control over to an unknown entity, an entity which they have never had to engage with before. But, oh “has life changed with the ability to find out much more about a potential trader or service who you as the client are potentially looking to employ to carry out a service for you.

Just think how much more powerful and sustainable the business could become with a little help and input from those in the know who specialise in this market.  Don’t let this fear hold you back, use it as an opportunity to grow and be willing and open-minded enough to explore your future potential.


Price:  This is strongly connected with fear and this is where the majority of people do not fully understand the value add that comes from having your website professionally built.  If we return to the initial building debacle, the likelihood is that the building could technically be constructed, however, would likely not be fit for purpose and in a short while would collapse.  Similarly, with a website, there are a myriad of providers out there who will provide you with a website in a box which will give you a basic website. However, it won’t have been professionally designed and programmed, so it will not be responsive to any search engines and won’t secure you any additional business, rendering you invisible to the outside world.  Professional web designers are trained in targeting the specifics of how web search optimization works, deal with it on a daily basis which means that they will be up to date with the latest technology and able to respond immediately, ensuring that your website is perfectly poised to receive the maximum hits or site visits.  This will, if correctly managed translate into sales, more money and longevity.

Remember in life, you get what you pay for and your website should be considered as an investment and is an investment for years, if executed properly and professionally will return you tenfold more than your initial investment.

So, come on think seriously about your business and your business website, you know it makes sense.

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